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Computational and Observational Investigations into the Atmospheric Response to Flare Accelerated Particles

Joel Allred

NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Bridging the Gap in Space, from the Ground: Dynamics and Magnetic Fields of Flares in the Photosphere and in the Chromosphere

Phil Judge

Lucia Kleint

Bay Area Environmental Research Institute

Characterization of Sunquake Signatures in Terms of Energy and Momentum, and Their Relationship with the Flare Impulsive Phase

Alexander Kosovichev

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Exploring the Physical Relationship Among Photospheric Magnetic Field Changes, Sunspot Motions, and Sunquakes During Solar Eruptions

Chang Liu

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Coupling of Particle Acceleration and Atmospheric Response Processes in Solar Flares: Combined Kinetic-fluid Modeling and Multiwavelength Observations

Vahe Petrosian

Stanford University

Study of Flare Footpoint Emissions Using Advanced Observing Tools

Haimin Wang

New Jersey Institute of Technology