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PI, Title Year LINK
C. Liu The Black-light Solar Flare in He I D3 on 1984 May 22, 2013 2013 ApJ 774, 60
C. Liu Evidence for Solar Tether-cutting Magnetic Reconnection from Coronal Field Extrapolations 2013 ApJL 778, 36
C. Liu High-cadence and High-resolution H-alpha Imaging Spectroscopy of a Circular Flare's Remote Ribbon with IBIS 2013 ApJL 769, 112
W. Liu Plasmoid Ejections and Loop Contractions in an Eruptive M7.7 Solar Flare: Evidence of Particle Acceleration and Heating in Magnetic Reconnection Outflows 2013 ApJ 767, 168
H. Wang Study of Rapid Formation of a delta Sunspot Associated with the 2012 July 2 C7.4 Flare Using High-resolution Observations of New Solar Telescope 2013 ApJL 774, 24
V. Petrosian Determination of Stochastic Acceleration Model Characteristics in Solar Flares 2013 ApJL 777, 33
A. Kosovichev Sunquakes and Starquakes, in "Precision Asteroseismology" 2013 Proc. IAU Symposium 301, Cambridge Univ. Press (in press)
A. Kosovichev Sunquakes: Helioseismic Response to Solar Flares, in "Extraterrestrial Seismology" 2014 Cambridge Univ. Press (in press)
L. Kleint The Evolution of Chromospheric Heating During the B8.7 Flare on Oct. 15, 2011 2014 in preparation
H. Wang Comparison of Emission Properties of Two Homologous Flares in AR 11283 2014 ApJ 787, 7
C. Liu Three-dimensional Magnetic Restructuring in Two Homologous Solar Flares in the Seismically Active NOAA AR 11283 2014 ApJ 795, 128
H. Wang Sudden Photospheric Motion and Sunspot Rotation Associated with the X2.2 Flare on 2011 February 15 2014 ApJ 795, 128
H. Wang Study of Two Successive Three-ribbon Solar Flares on 2012 July 6 2014 ApJ 795, 128
V. Petrosian Fermi Detection of Gamma-ray Emission from a Behind-the-Limb M1.5 Flare on 2013 October 2011 2014 in preparation
V. Petrosian Combining RADYN and FLARE: modeling the solar atmosphere during solar flares 2014 in preparation
V. Petrosian Evidence of nonthermal particles in coronal loops heated impulsively by nanoflares 2014 Science 346, 6207
W. Liu Imaging and spectroscopic observations of magnetic reconnection and chromospheric evaporation in a solar flare 2014 ApJ 797, 14
L. Kleint On the Origin of a Sunquake during the 2014 March 29 X1 Flare 2014 ApJ 796, 85
L. Kleint Hydrogen Balmer Continuum in Solar Flares Detected by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) 2014 ApJ 794, 23
L. Kleint The fast filament eruption leading to the X-flare on March 29, 2014 2015 ApJ 806, 9
V. Petrosian Solar Flare Chromospheric Line Emission: Comparison Between IBIS Observations and Radiative Transfer Hydrodynamic Simulations 2015 ApJ 804, 56
J. Allred A Unified Computational Model for Solar and Stellar Flares 2015 ApJ 809, 104
L. Kleint How important are electron beams in driving chromospheric evaporation in the 2014 March 29 flare? 2015 ApJ 813, 113
H. Wang Comparison between the eruptive X2.2 flare on 2011 February 15 and confined X3.1 flare on 2014 October 24 2015 RAA 15, 1537
J. Allred Radiative hydrodynamic modelling and observations of the X-class solar flare on 2011 March 9 2015 A&A 578, 72
L. Kleint The Fast Filament Eruption Leading to the X-flare on 2014 March 29 2015 ApJ 806, 9
J. Allred New Insights into White-Light Flare Emission from Radiative-Hydrodynamic Modeling of a Chromospheric Condensation 2015 Solar Physics 290, 3487
H. Wang Observation of the 2011-02-15 X2.2 Flare in the Hard X-Ray and Microwave 2015 ApJ 807, 124
H. Wang Witnessing magnetic twist with high-resolution observation from the 1.6-m New Solar Telescope 2015 Nature Communication 6, 7008
C. Liu A Circular-ribbon Solar Flare Following an Asymmetric Filament Eruption 2015 ApJL 812, 19
H. Wang The Role of Erupting Sigmoid in Triggering a Flare with Parallel and Large-scale Quasi-circular Ribbons 2015 ApJL 812, 50
L. Kleint On helium line polarization during the impulsive phase of an X1 flare 2015 ApJL 814, 100
L. Kleint Photon Mean Free Paths, Scattering, and Ever-Increasing Telescope Resolution 2015 Solar Physics 290, 979
W. Liu Combining RADYN and FLARE: modeling the solar atmosphere during solar flares 2015 ApJ 813, 133
W. Liu Chromospheric Line Emission: Comparison Between IBIS Observations and Radiative Transfer Hydrodynamic Simulations 2015 ApJ 804, 56
A. Kosovichev Properties of Chromospheric Evaporation and Plasma Dynamics of a Solar Flare from Iris 2015 ApJ 805, 167
A. Kosovichev Dynamics of Electric Currents, Magnetic Field Topology, and Helioseismic Response of a Solar Flare 2015 ApJ 808, 72
A. Kosovichev Energy Release and Initiation of a Sunquake in a C-class Flare 2015 ApJ 807, 102
A. Kosovichev NST and IRIS multi-wavelength observations of an M1.0 class solar flare 2015 IAU General Assembly 22, 57574
W. Liu Radiative hydrodynamic modeling and observations of the X-class solar flare on 2014 March 2 2016 ApJ to be submitted
V. Petrosian Particle Acceleration in Solar Flares and Associated CME Shocks 2016 ApJ, to be submitted
W. Liu Mg II Lines Observed during the X-class Flare on 29 March 2014 by the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph 2016 Solar Physics in press
L. Kleint Continuum Enhancements in the Ultraviolet, the Visible, and the Infrared during the X1 flare on 2014 March 29 2016 ApJ 816, 88
H. Wang Validation of the Coronal Thick Target Source Model 2016 ApJ 816, 62
H. Wang Ultra-narrow Negative Flare Front Observed in Helium-10830~\AA\ using the 1.6 m New Solar Telescope 2016 ApJ 819, 89
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