Space Weather Research Laboratory (SWRL) was established in September, 2008 by New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT). SWRL focuses on scientific research in the area of space weather. Its mission is to understand the magnetic activities of the Sun and their effects on the near-Earth environment. Many tools are being developed to monitor, understand and forecast solar activity and its geomagnetic effects.

One of the important missions of SWRL is to integrate research and education, to train Ph.D. students and post-docs preparing them to become future leaders in solar physics. This is a multi-disciplinary effort that encompasses the areas of solar physics, computer science and mathematics.

Although the usage of data from NJIT's Big Bear Solar Observatory (BBSO) is an important part of its operation, SWRL also extensively uses space data from NASA missions. It closely collaborates with the Radio Solar Physics group in using radio data. Collaborations with theorists will be enhanced.

SWRL will continue to manage and maintain the server for the Global H-alpha Network, which monitors the solar activity in chromosphere 24 hours a day.

SWRL is currently providing Solar Flares Forecasting and Solar Filaments Detection services, among others. Click here to see flare forecasting results.